Mustang Week 2017

This was our first year sponsoring Mustang Week, although we have been attendees and my wife and I were even married during the event last year, the experience was VERY different this year!
Mike Clay and Rodney Melton have been hosting this event in Myrtle Beach for many years, 16 years, each year the event getting bigger, bigger, and attracting more attention.
for the first 15 years of the event it was held during the 2nd week in July. This year it was held during the first week in September, for many a HUGE change, before the event there were many concerns about attendance being that school for parents with children and college students alike would either not be able to come at all or only be able to come for a weekend. We had faith that attendees would still show out in bunches, as the hotel and condo rates were significantly less during September than it is during the summer. We also thought that people would much prefer the cooler weather that comes with September.
Despite the date change, the venue change and even the threat of a CAT5 hurricane the crowds were still HUGE! Given all the concerns the event coordinators figured the attendance was only down 20-30%.

Our trip to Mustang Week was eventful to say the least. starting with finishing 3 cars in the 6 months before going.
First car being our 65 Mustang coupe. this car has been through a lot with me and my wife. I used it as a way to propose to my wife, and took it from being a very rough c code coupe to a pearl white cruiser.(ill make another blog about that build). We were literally bolting on the bumpers a hour before we left Oklahoma City.
second car being my red 2000 convertible track car. which has received many many upgrades in the last season.
and third being my wife’s 2012 GT500 convertible. easily the best car for cruising the highways through the pinewood forests in myrtle beach.

after setting off from Oklahoma city with myself, my wife, 2 trucks, 2 trailers, 3 cars, and 5 photographers and videographers, we soon found ourself changing the first of many blowout tires on the trailers.

While Waze, Google and apple maps said our drive would only take 18 hours they didnt account for the needed stops for fuel in the thirsty ecoboost f150 or the blow outs or the mandatory stop in Memphis, Tennessee to walk down Beale Street into BB Kings Bar.

After many Energy Drinks we found oursleves pulling into Myrtle beach and making a quick right towards Surfside Beach, our home for the next 7 days. Located right on the beach the house on stilts served as a much needed relaxing place to hang out, kick back a cold one and rest.

The first day or so(Sunday and Monday) was spent relaxing, cleaning the cars, and literally tightening any loose screws hahaha. Sunday I picked our good friend Pete Oxenham (owner of Fully torqued Racing) up from the airport. Monday evening we went to a unofficial meet and greet at Broadway at the beach in front of Dave and Busters. always a good time seeing all the die hard mustang week goers on Monday night.

Tuesday is the official meet and greet, we showed up at the scheduled time and still barely managed to find a decent spot. The parking lots meant to hold 1000s of cars were flooded with mustangs, revving, colorful wraps, expensive wheels, and the distant sound of PSHHHHH which at sometimes you couldn’t tell if it was an airbag suspension letting air out or a blow off valve. We brought both our 65 and 2012 to the event. after we ate at Wahlburgers owned by Mark Wahlberg and his family.

Wednesday is my personal favorite day of the event.
It is the Autocross and Oval fun runs day at the Myrtle Beach Speedway.
we began by setting up our booth using all 3 cars and our full wheel display setup.
After getting everything setup and working, I took the GT500 around the oval for some speed runs and was able to get it up to 110 at the fastest.



Thursday is the Drag Race day, and was typically held at Darlington speedway (a 1/4 mile track)a lengthy drive for most attendees, but this year it was held at North Myrtle Beach DragStrip(a 1/8th mile track). From what we were told the attendance was FARRRRR more than they expected. As for us we used Thursday as a rest and relax day.

Friday is the biggest day of the week and is the Mustang Week Show.In Years past it is held at the Myrtle Beach Mall in the parking lot next to the Bass Pro Shop. A venue honestly a little too small for the event. This year it was held at the Myrtle Beach Convention center, with displays inside the center and outside. a venue likely 5 times the size as the mall. It was a fantastic showing!
Friday Night is when most of the BIG night meets are, and its often difficult to choose the “right” one to go to. we went to the Beaver Bar, a favorite of mine as its only a few miles away from the house, the road is a central location for all the burnouts you could ever want and the beer is cheap. they have rocking chairs and tables in the parking lot for relaxful evenings. as the night went on the itch for nearly everyone to burn rubber had to be scratched and nearly everyone remaining by 10pm was doing just that!From 1000Hp+ drag cars to our 65 mustang and even a 2015+ ecoboost everyone took a turn dropping the clutch.

Saturday is unfortunately the last day of the event and includes a cruise-in, the awards ceremony for the show the day before.
Til next year!

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