Day One at SEMA on Halloween with DH Designs!

Being my 5th year attending the show and every year growing closer in relationship to my suppliers and vendors, I made this year a priority to learn as much about the companies who make the products I sell. Knowing first hand the feeling of struggles and big breaks and even the “I made it” moments, I felt it would be interesting and insightful to learn the stories of not only the companies but also the founders/owners/presidents of those companies. I also wanted this year to be about the new products, I pride myself on knowing every detail of every product I sell. So instead of re-familiarizing myself with the whole catalog all in a 5-minute visit to a SEMA booth, I wanted to spend that time or more learning solely about the new products that company is or will be coming out with. Lastly, I wanted to meet and talk to the LEGENDS, these aren’t your people of youtube, your reality TV stars, or even your winning SEMA builders… I’m talking about automotive legends of myth, people who literally changed the industry.

A few weeks ago I got an email from SEMA saying something like, “last day for registration!”

Typically I put this kind of email into the junk folder and don’t think anything of it. This year was different, my birthday and the SEMA show nearly coincided and I decided to see what I could get with my airline miles and hunt for a deal on a hotel. Within a few hours I had the flights booked, passes to the show bought and a hotel reservation.

Without further adieu here are the longly awaited SEMA 2017 Pictures
IMG_7441Pete Brock, Designer of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette and Shelby Daytona Coupe^IMG_7442IMG_7443IMG_7445IMG_7446*Stares in Daytona Coupe*IMG_7448IMG_7452IMG_7453IMG_7454IMG_7457IMG_7459IMG_7460IMG_7461IMG_7463IMG_7466IMG_7467IMG_7468IMG_7470New AEM 5 and 7 inch display, works with ANY standalone ECU and has plug and play for 2008+ OBD2 PIDsIMG_7471IMG_7472IMG_7473Affordable Standalone for basic swaps and controls, total retail cost is $1100 IMG_7474IMG_7475NRG Innovations is NOW FIA CERTIFIED!

IMG_7476IMG_7478IMG_7479IMG_7480NRG FORGED STEERING WHEELIMG_7482NRG SFI CERT ON QUICK RELEASES!IMG_7483IMG_7499Our good friend and owner of NRG Innovations Steve showing us how comforable the FRP300 seat is.IMG_7500IMG_7501Our outside salesman, Sergio is loving meeting great people in the industryIMG_7502IMG_7503I LOVE THIS HAWAIIAN THEME FLORAL PATTERN WHEELIMG_7504IMG_7505IMG_7506IMG_7507IMG_7508IMG_7509IMG_7510IMG_7511Gen 2 Quick Release Lock, spins freely on the hub once locked. MUST HAVEIMG_7512IMG_7513IMG_7514IMG_7515IMG_7516IMG_7517This is the future, we have already been working with NRG and others in making this a plug and play way to keep important steering wheel functions while still allowing for quick releaseIMG_7518ALL THE CARBONIMG_7522IMG_7523IMG_7524IMG_7525IMG_7526IMG_7528IMG_7531IMG_7533IMG_7534IMG_7535IMG_7542IMG_7543IMG_7544IMG_7547IMG_7549IMG_7551IMG_7552IMG_7553IMG_7554IMG_7556Ford was giving out there small LeMans Style Build-your-own Lego charactersIMG_7558IMG_7561AJ Foyt and Dan Gurneys 1967 MKIV LeMans winning Ford GT40 RacecarIMG_7564IMG_7565IMG_7567IMG_7569Robert Downey Jr’s 1970 Bos 302 body built in Carbon Fiber by SpeedKore and has a Roush blown AluminatorIMG_7572IMG_7574IMG_7577IMG_7578IMG_7583IMG_7584IMG_7585IMG_7589IMG_7590IMG_7591IMG_7593IMG_7597IMG_7598IMG_7600IMG_7604Magnus WalkerIMG_76052018 Roush 729 with fender flares and finished in Grabber GreenIMG_7606IMG_7610IMG_7614IMG_7618I won a ride in both Vaughn Gitten Jrs Raptor and his S550 Mustang drift carIMG_7620IMG_7621IMG_7623IMG_7625IMG_7626IMG_7633Found Jonathan from Chicane 23IMG_7635IMG_7636Got invited to the Roush AfterpartyIMG_7637IMG_7639IMG_7640

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