Viva Las Vegas y Carbon: SEMA Day 2

This year at SEMA, the amount of carbon fiber in products and in cars was ASTOUNDING. Seats, Steering Wheels, Wheels, Wheel Barrels, Fenders, Hoods, and Nearly EVERY OTHER THING YOU CAN THINK OF was dripping in Carbon Fiber weave.

At DH Designs we’ve always prided ourselves on working with outstanding brands, brands who are pioneers in the industry both in design and utility. This year SEMA delivered in both aspects! This year’s big news among the companies we work with was the massive acquisition of Weld racing, Forgestar, and MOMO wheels.
This is a HUGE move forward for the MOMO group, If you aren’t a frequent reader of our blog then know that MOMO was a huge name in the wheel industry in the 90s and 2000s, MOMO being the first company to have a 22-inch wheel. 4 years ago WELD bought CCW, 2 years ago WELD bought ADV.1, this year WELD bought Forgestar, and around the same time MOMO bought WELD Group. Not in a wild dream could anyone have thought of a more perfect group, each company bringing a specialty and niche market to a larger group along with the intellectual property that each company has gone through.
I met a few celebrities HAHA.
first being OG Magnum from the viral video of an older man doing a c walk and a few other dance moves after stepping out of a donked out Magnum seen here.
He’s actually seriously nice and before meeting him I wondered if there was something seriously traumatic in his life that led him to where he was but no, he’s a personal wealth manager in Florida. HAHA

I’ll talk more about the new products from the WELD/MOMO group later but for now let’s get on to the pictures from day 2!






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