Flight Begins Boarding at 5:45PM LAS to OKC: Day 3 @ SEMA

Thursday was our last day in Las Vegas for SEMA 2017. We woke up at 8am(which in Vegas talk is EARLY) packed our bags, and other articles we had picked up at the show. Ordered a UBER, checked out of our hotel and made our way to the convention center. Once we got to the SEMA Show I promptly made my way to the FedEx location at the show and shipped nearly everything I could home. With an empty backpack and all of my needed meet and greets, and new product exploration out of the way I was ready to do what most attendees at SEMA, who aren’t in the industry or don’t conduct business there do…. Collect free stuff and take pictures of cars, or girls, or girls with cars.
This was my final day at SEMA 2017 and I was ready to rumble. I only had til 3:30, then I would have to catch a UBER to McCarran Airport in Las Vegas and make my way back to good ole Oklahoma.

IMG_7861Chris Forsberg, 6 time world champ Formula DIMG_7863IMG_7864Dinan Dealer coming soon to DH 😉IMG_7869Main Hall SEMAIMG_E7870Focus RS with new Ford Performance Drift StickIMG_E78712016 Ford GT on ADV.1/Dymag Carbon fiber wheelsIMG_E7874IMG_7873IMG_E7876Beautiful C1 Corvette
IMG_E7878IMG_E7879IMG_E7880IMG_E7881IMG_7888Bugatti Chiron around $3m with minimal optionsIMG_7887IMG_7883IMG_E7891IMG_7892IMG_E7895IMG_7896IMG_E7899FTR Rods!IMG_E7900IMG_E7902IMG_7904IMG_E7908IMG_7910IMG_E7916IMG_E7918IMG_E7920IMG_7922IMG_E7924IMG_7932IMG_7934IMG_E7938IMG_7939IMG_7943Kia Stinger in a Pearl Orange color is actually… cool. haha #stillakia?IMG_E7946IMG_E7948IMG_7949Lexus LC500 on HRE and slightly lowered love the curves on these carsIMG_E7950IMG_E7953Clinched Over fenders on a S550 mustang, made from ABS plastic. let me know what you think.IMG_7954IMG_E7956First gen Bronco Restomodded.IMG_7960Emerson Fittipaldi, Multiple championships wins in Formula 1 and in Indycar/indy500IMG_7973IMG_E7975IMG_E7977IMG_E7980Slingshot converted to 4 wheels, on American force SUPER DEEP DISHIMG_E7985IMG_E7987


IMG_E7988IMG_E7991IMG_7993IMG_7998IMG_E8003IMG_8005IMG_E8006IMG_E8008IMG_E8011IMG_E8012IMG_E8013IMG_8018IMG_E8018IMG_E8022IMG_8021IMG_E8024IMG_8025IMG_8028IMG_8032IMG_E8033IMG_8030IMG_E8036IMG_8036IMG_8039IMG_E8042IMG_8044Total Carbon R33 Skyline!IMG_E8046IMG_8047RB26DETT Swap into a SubaruIMG_8048IMG_E8050IMG_8052IMG_E8053IMG_E8055IMG_8060

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