MOMO, Weld, Forgestar, CCW, ADV.1 None Of These Things Is Not Like The Other.

Does the title confuse you?
If so don’t be surprised, today’s blog is all about how MOMO (yes, the steering wheel and seat company) has started a wheel industry take over. In the 1990s and 2000s, MOMO was cutting edge, both on the track and in the streets. Nearly every racecar had a MOMO steering wheel and serious wheel enthusiasts had their Trucks and SUVs rolling on 20 or 22-inch MOMO wheels. Since then MOMO wheels has gone fairly dormant only being sold in European markets for Winter type wheels. Until now, in January of 2017, the ink was still fresh on the contract sealing the sale of Weld Wheels to MOMO (Cisneros Corp). In our recent trip to SEMA, it was very much a shock and awe sort of experience to see the iconic brands all together under the umbrella of MOMO/Weld. Simultaneous to the purchase of Weld by MOMO, Weld was also purchasing Forgestar. Making this year’s MOMO/Weld Group the most powerful assimilation of wheel companies I have ever seen. All this makes us very excited to sell their products and see where the brands might go, with more engineering and development power than ever before.
At the top of the line is ADV.1 Wheels
A wildly impressive wheel brand. The MOST advanced technology in the wheel industry is developed and made by ADV.1. From a partnership with Dymag Carbon Fiber wheel barrels to centerpieces and forged barrels made so bespoke to your car that the weight and weight distribution of the car are used in engineering the wheel. The only wheel manufacturer in the US to have a TUV test facility. ADV.1 is a moniker that will likely never be forgotten.

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A new wheel line MOMO RF
Following the trend of a company in the MOMO group, Forgestar, MOMO RF is a flow forged wheel. Made from 3 concave profiles and with a wheel hat that can be cut to any offset, you can rest assured that these wheels will fit anything you can think of. The RF series will also feature all the finishes of ADV.1 and a critical attention to detail.
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CCW Wheels
A tried and true brand, purchased by WELD Wheels a week before the SEMA show in 2014, CCW has proven itself as a quality forged wheel with spectacular designs and a price that is hard to ignore. I find that CCW has the perfect amount of style and race inspiration to make it a timeless design.

I have always had an affinity for the Forgestar brand, simply put you can not beat the Forgestar experience for the money. Simple ordering system, 3 prices per diameter of the wheel. Standard concave, Deep Concave, Super deep concave. Custom cut offsets, nice choice of finishes, and an INCREDIBLE order tracking system for both current inventory and order process tracking. The technologies that make Forgestar our favorite are quickly finding their way into the rest of the MOMO Group catalog.


Started by Greg Weld, a famous Dirt track racer, WELD Wheels are the most trusted name in racing. From 330mph Top Fuel dragsters to your daily driver, WELD Wheels knows how to engineer safety and strength into all their wheels.


A new coming from the WELD Group for Trucks, SUVs, and Offroad.
Each wheel offered in 20, 22, or 24-inch Diameter and 12 or 14 inch wide options. Custom finishes, and offsets. all Machined from Aluminum billets in Kansas City. These are sure to spark some interest in the Truck world.


Its pretty clear the MOMO/WELD group have one thing on their mind… Domination of the wheel industry. With this many great minds under one umbrella, no one can guess what might be the next big development in the wheel industry. One thing is certain and its that DH Designs is excited to sell these lines and we hope you are too!

Forge your name in the sky; The story of Forgestar

Cragar, Dayton, Niche, Forgiato, these names spanned decades of wheel trends, but today I want to dicuss a brand on the rise.


Many of you know Forgestar from its incredible modular ordering system and affordability for totally tailored wheel specifications. To really understand what Forgestar is you have to know what it was. Think back to the early 90s, a much more simple time. The Olson twins were just born, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was in full swing and wheels were small. It wasn’t until 1996 that the 20 inch tire was released by Pirelli. Wheel styles weren’t of the 90s, most everyone bought old wire spoke Daytons or a Mag style wheel like from the 60s or 70s. With the rise of cell phones, bling, and MTV brought a new need and market for big, stylin’ wheels, and the market reacted. By the late 90s, 20 inch wheels were all the hype!  And all the money, some sets of just tires costing in excess of $3000. Companies like Lorenzo, Niche, Giovanni, Ultra, Enkei, and MOMO captured this market and grew to what is now a wheel empire out of this blossoming niche market.

As the 2000’s rolled around, so did the demand for bigger,even more unique designed wheels. This spurred the creation of the 3 piece wheel, borrowed from BBS who pioneered the 3 piece wheel in the 70s. Until now, these multipiece wheels had been exclusive to racing applications and never been much larger than 18 inches or so. Making 3 piece wheels for style made perfect sense, as it allowed each piece to be forged or milled to the exact offset and provided much more detail than a cast wheel ever could. With the strength came the possibilities of even larger diameter without fear of cracking or unstable spoke design. This new wave of multipiece wheels brought many companies to the table, many who hadn’t been in the business before but knew their way around a machine shop and knew how to construct cool, new wheels. But this wave was bigger than the market could support and many names got lost in the sea of new companies. iForged was one of these companies, competing in a ever growing market they knew it was going to take more than a few nice wheel styles and competitive pricing to grab a buyers attention.

With competition on the mind, in 2009 iForged Wheels started a subsidiary company called Forgestar, the main goal of Forgestar was to bring all the customization and modulability of a multi piece wheel to a price point that most enthusiasts could live with.They did this by using a new and innovative process called “Rotary Forging”.


SKIP TO 3:50 to see a good example of this process

This manufacturing technique allowed them to make varying concave faces and widths. While still letting these blanks sit until the customer had placed their order for exact offset, bolt pattern and center bore. An added benefit to this was the availability of not having to bulk order a set order of specific wheels and finishes, allowing the customer to choose virtually any finish. By 2011 Forgestar was offering a 12 inch wide forging.  In 2012 offering a Super Deep Concave option, a staggering 3.5 inch concave from center cap to wheel lip. The innovations kept coming, in 2013 they released the world’s first Modular construction 2 piece Rotary Forged wheel. This wheel is called the M7.S which features a traditionally forged inner barrel and a Rotary Forged face.  By 2016 Forgestar had enter into the drag wheel market, making them the first Rotary Forged drag race specific wheel, with offerings in 15 and 17 inch diameter. What had started by iForge as a way to reach a bigger market, had become 10 time larger than the Multipiece company could have ever been. As of 2017 Forgestar has been sold to WELD racing and companies. Where will this venture lead Forgestar? What new innovations will they achieve with the help of WELD? Who knows, keep a eye on them to find out!
I wanted to write about Forgestar today to bring some attention to the great variety of product they sell. Forgestar has started a somewhat annual sale called the “Fall Classic Sale” which grants a $200 rebate to each set of wheels sold so long as the wheels are 18″-22″ diameter. This rebate offer is good til October 11th and can be compounded with our normal percentage discounts. Contact us at DH Designs to take advantage of this rebate. or (405) 256-8156
For your viewing pleasure here are some customers Forgestar equipped cars!