Day One at SEMA on Halloween with DH Designs!

Being my 5th year attending the show and every year growing closer in relationship to my suppliers and vendors, I made this year a priority to learn as much about the companies who make the products I sell. Knowing first hand the feeling of struggles and big breaks and even the “I made it” moments, I felt it would be interesting and insightful to learn the stories of not only the companies but also the founders/owners/presidents of those companies. I also wanted this year to be about the new products, I pride myself on knowing every detail of every product I sell. So instead of re-familiarizing myself with the whole catalog all in a 5-minute visit to a SEMA booth, I wanted to spend that time or more learning solely about the new products that company is or will be coming out with. Lastly, I wanted to meet and talk to the LEGENDS, these aren’t your people of youtube, your reality TV stars, or even your winning SEMA builders… I’m talking about automotive legends of myth, people who literally changed the industry.

A few weeks ago I got an email from SEMA saying something like, “last day for registration!”

Typically I put this kind of email into the junk folder and don’t think anything of it. This year was different, my birthday and the SEMA show nearly coincided and I decided to see what I could get with my airline miles and hunt for a deal on a hotel. Within a few hours I had the flights booked, passes to the show bought and a hotel reservation.

Without further adieu here are the longly awaited SEMA 2017 Pictures
IMG_7441Pete Brock, Designer of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette and Shelby Daytona Coupe^IMG_7442IMG_7443IMG_7445IMG_7446*Stares in Daytona Coupe*IMG_7448IMG_7452IMG_7453IMG_7454IMG_7457IMG_7459IMG_7460IMG_7461IMG_7463IMG_7466IMG_7467IMG_7468IMG_7470New AEM 5 and 7 inch display, works with ANY standalone ECU and has plug and play for 2008+ OBD2 PIDsIMG_7471IMG_7472IMG_7473Affordable Standalone for basic swaps and controls, total retail cost is $1100 IMG_7474IMG_7475NRG Innovations is NOW FIA CERTIFIED!

IMG_7476IMG_7478IMG_7479IMG_7480NRG FORGED STEERING WHEELIMG_7482NRG SFI CERT ON QUICK RELEASES!IMG_7483IMG_7499Our good friend and owner of NRG Innovations Steve showing us how comforable the FRP300 seat is.IMG_7500IMG_7501Our outside salesman, Sergio is loving meeting great people in the industryIMG_7502IMG_7503I LOVE THIS HAWAIIAN THEME FLORAL PATTERN WHEELIMG_7504IMG_7505IMG_7506IMG_7507IMG_7508IMG_7509IMG_7510IMG_7511Gen 2 Quick Release Lock, spins freely on the hub once locked. MUST HAVEIMG_7512IMG_7513IMG_7514IMG_7515IMG_7516IMG_7517This is the future, we have already been working with NRG and others in making this a plug and play way to keep important steering wheel functions while still allowing for quick releaseIMG_7518ALL THE CARBONIMG_7522IMG_7523IMG_7524IMG_7525IMG_7526IMG_7528IMG_7531IMG_7533IMG_7534IMG_7535IMG_7542IMG_7543IMG_7544IMG_7547IMG_7549IMG_7551IMG_7552IMG_7553IMG_7554IMG_7556Ford was giving out there small LeMans Style Build-your-own Lego charactersIMG_7558IMG_7561AJ Foyt and Dan Gurneys 1967 MKIV LeMans winning Ford GT40 RacecarIMG_7564IMG_7565IMG_7567IMG_7569Robert Downey Jr’s 1970 Bos 302 body built in Carbon Fiber by SpeedKore and has a Roush blown AluminatorIMG_7572IMG_7574IMG_7577IMG_7578IMG_7583IMG_7584IMG_7585IMG_7589IMG_7590IMG_7591IMG_7593IMG_7597IMG_7598IMG_7600IMG_7604Magnus WalkerIMG_76052018 Roush 729 with fender flares and finished in Grabber GreenIMG_7606IMG_7610IMG_7614IMG_7618I won a ride in both Vaughn Gitten Jrs Raptor and his S550 Mustang drift carIMG_7620IMG_7621IMG_7623IMG_7625IMG_7626IMG_7633Found Jonathan from Chicane 23IMG_7635IMG_7636Got invited to the Roush AfterpartyIMG_7637IMG_7639IMG_7640

Time to bite the Bullitt? Is a 2v possibly the next cheap collector’s car?

In the 90s and early 2000s Ford built many special edition mustangs under the Ford flag before ALL the upfitting companies went big time with their mustang lines. A few of the notable editions were, the 7-Up Edition, the Boss Shinoda, The Spring Feature, The Mach 1, and The Bullitt. In 2000 the Bullitt Concept made a debut at the L.A. Auto Show. The audience was completely in awe of it. Roush was contracted by Ford to make the concept, at the time Roush had complete access to all the Ford parts bins and many of the original plans didn’t come to be, but I’ll tell you more about that.


To see how the Bullitt ended up the way it is, you have to know where it came from. Back in October 1968 a movie about a detective in San Fransisco set the annual record for a weekend debut, the movie was “Bullitt”. Ive seen Bullitt some 17 times or so, and still don’t know what happens after the Charger wrecks. But I remember the Mustang scene, its widely considered to be the best car chase scene in film history.
Also the car is one of the most memorable Mustangs yet, a 1968 Highland Green Mustang GT 390 Fastback with blacked out grille, no running pony, siting on black face, polished lip American Racing Torque Thrust IIs. It was a icon, while the 390 wasn’t the fastest Mustang made, it was the best sounding and it really sang. Steve McQueen was the perfect fit for the drivers role, only 5 years earlier he had been the star of  “The Great Escape”  where he jumped a Triumph motorcycle over a POW camp barricade.

Bullitt-Mustang-jumps-626x417161e4eaab7091eb3584a3560925931483DE51EB600000578-4276962-image-a-7_1488500282847Motors Mustang FastbackAmerican Muscle Car Bullitt Mustang Leadbigbullitt-lrCrop60d2d2f0349bb29d33847eb66e3b15dc4202_screen04[1]

Its clear to see why designers built a homage edition Mustang, the sound, the jumps, the tire shredding, the color. The scene was perfect and a tribute car with the proper backing by ford would be a surefire sale. To style the new car, designers had to get all the details right, it wasn’t going to be enough to paint the car green and put some Torque Thrust II wheels on it.

Starting with a 1999 Mustang they

  • Shaved the side scoops
  • Designed the seat covers to emulate the 68 GT styling
  • Deck lid pedestal spoiler was deleted
  • Added rolled stainless steel exhaust tips
  • Smooth rocker panels with integrated mud flaps
  • Blacked out grill with chrome running pony
  • A billet fuel door
  • Retro styled gauges
  • Brushed aluminum door sill kick panels with the Bullitt logo
  • Brushed shifter bezel
  • Brushed shift knob
  • Polished modern pedal covers with rubber grips
  • 13 inch cobra style front brakes, with red calipers and a embossed running pony
  • Sharper angled C pillar, later found on the Mach 1
  • 3/4 inch lowering springs
  • Larger rear rotors
  • Performance struts
  • A new Ford wheel styled after the American Racing Torque Thrust II
  • Tuned exhaust to give the Bullitt a unique old-school sound
  • A special intake using a Cobra style twin blade throttle body, bringing HP to 265, and TQ to 305.

The original design was to use the 4v 4.6L from the normal aspirated Cobras made in 1999 and 2001, but SVT claimed they were the only ones allowed to use this powerplant and halted any further use of the 4v in the Bullitt project. I wonder what that would have done to Cobra sales, and what it would have done for the ford brand as a whole.

2001-bullitt-rocker-plateid-plaque-620x3502001-bullitt-mustang-wheel19ef2c0bec55199a3d1ac85e4b40ffc4---ford-mustang-ford-mustang-bullittm5lp_0203_01_z+bullitt_mustang_intake_manifold+s-l1600 (1)s-l16002001-bullitt-interiorIMG_5924bullitt+rocker+panelsp176698_large-2001_ford_mustang_gt_bullitt_coupe-gaugesbullittclusterFord-Mustang-Bullitt-GT-340500bullitt2bulitt118riyh7gymu8qjpg

Only 5,582 of these cars were produced, they came in 3 colors. The best selling color by far was Dark Highland Green, but they also came in Ford True Blue, and Black. For comparison there were 7,251 Cobras made in 2001. Of the 5,582 built more than 4,000 were presold.

With the retro styling of the 2005 came the clear opportunity to make a encore to the 2001 Bullitt, and in 2008 they did.
Playing on a lot of the same styling cues as the 01, it was a mostly debadged GT with black Bullitt style wheels, and a interior with retro inspired features.
Honestly I don’t think this car will ever be as collectable, because instead of adding the subtle performance upgrades or paving a way in a homage car, they slapped on some Ford Racing upgrades you could have already found in the catalog. For me it just doesn’t do it.

Do you think that the Bullitt be it the 2001 or 2008 will ever be a collectable car? let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Share!

Bonus footage: Bullitt chase remake

“78° Days, Cool Autumn Nights”: A Mustang Show

Today started off well with the monthly Coffee and Cars OKC car gathering. After that cool morning event, I headed home turned on the OU Sooners game, and at halftime decided it was a shut out, a surefire victory for OU. After turning off the game I had some lunch and took a short nap. When I woke up I found that the Sooners had lost, a gut punch even for this Cowboys fan. But the day could still be saved! Today was the best show of the year on the Oklahoma Mustang Club’s annual schedule, “Cool Autumn Nights”. Starting at 3pm and running til around 8-8:30pm, makes it a perfect show for many of us who cant stand the heat.

I took the 65 Coupe and ended up placing first in my class, 1964-1998 Modified Mustang. A great time and a for sure on my list for next years schedule!


Oklahoma City Coffee and Cars October, 2017

Some of the cars that caught my eye this morning!
duplicates are below, the duplicates are the same as the top series just without the apple portrait software. all of these pictures are straight out of my Iphone8, with no filtering.
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Forge your name in the sky; The story of Forgestar

Cragar, Dayton, Niche, Forgiato, these names spanned decades of wheel trends, but today I want to dicuss a brand on the rise.


Many of you know Forgestar from its incredible modular ordering system and affordability for totally tailored wheel specifications. To really understand what Forgestar is you have to know what it was. Think back to the early 90s, a much more simple time. The Olson twins were just born, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was in full swing and wheels were small. It wasn’t until 1996 that the 20 inch tire was released by Pirelli. Wheel styles weren’t of the 90s, most everyone bought old wire spoke Daytons or a Mag style wheel like from the 60s or 70s. With the rise of cell phones, bling, and MTV brought a new need and market for big, stylin’ wheels, and the market reacted. By the late 90s, 20 inch wheels were all the hype!  And all the money, some sets of just tires costing in excess of $3000. Companies like Lorenzo, Niche, Giovanni, Ultra, Enkei, and MOMO captured this market and grew to what is now a wheel empire out of this blossoming niche market.

As the 2000’s rolled around, so did the demand for bigger,even more unique designed wheels. This spurred the creation of the 3 piece wheel, borrowed from BBS who pioneered the 3 piece wheel in the 70s. Until now, these multipiece wheels had been exclusive to racing applications and never been much larger than 18 inches or so. Making 3 piece wheels for style made perfect sense, as it allowed each piece to be forged or milled to the exact offset and provided much more detail than a cast wheel ever could. With the strength came the possibilities of even larger diameter without fear of cracking or unstable spoke design. This new wave of multipiece wheels brought many companies to the table, many who hadn’t been in the business before but knew their way around a machine shop and knew how to construct cool, new wheels. But this wave was bigger than the market could support and many names got lost in the sea of new companies. iForged was one of these companies, competing in a ever growing market they knew it was going to take more than a few nice wheel styles and competitive pricing to grab a buyers attention.

With competition on the mind, in 2009 iForged Wheels started a subsidiary company called Forgestar, the main goal of Forgestar was to bring all the customization and modulability of a multi piece wheel to a price point that most enthusiasts could live with.They did this by using a new and innovative process called “Rotary Forging”.


SKIP TO 3:50 to see a good example of this process

This manufacturing technique allowed them to make varying concave faces and widths. While still letting these blanks sit until the customer had placed their order for exact offset, bolt pattern and center bore. An added benefit to this was the availability of not having to bulk order a set order of specific wheels and finishes, allowing the customer to choose virtually any finish. By 2011 Forgestar was offering a 12 inch wide forging.  In 2012 offering a Super Deep Concave option, a staggering 3.5 inch concave from center cap to wheel lip. The innovations kept coming, in 2013 they released the world’s first Modular construction 2 piece Rotary Forged wheel. This wheel is called the M7.S which features a traditionally forged inner barrel and a Rotary Forged face.  By 2016 Forgestar had enter into the drag wheel market, making them the first Rotary Forged drag race specific wheel, with offerings in 15 and 17 inch diameter. What had started by iForge as a way to reach a bigger market, had become 10 time larger than the Multipiece company could have ever been. As of 2017 Forgestar has been sold to WELD racing and companies. Where will this venture lead Forgestar? What new innovations will they achieve with the help of WELD? Who knows, keep a eye on them to find out!
I wanted to write about Forgestar today to bring some attention to the great variety of product they sell. Forgestar has started a somewhat annual sale called the “Fall Classic Sale” which grants a $200 rebate to each set of wheels sold so long as the wheels are 18″-22″ diameter. This rebate offer is good til October 11th and can be compounded with our normal percentage discounts. Contact us at DH Designs to take advantage of this rebate. or (405) 256-8156
For your viewing pleasure here are some customers Forgestar equipped cars!


Mustang Homecoming Shelby Style

Im not sure how active your local Mustang Club is, but here in Oklahoma City and the surrounding metro its big, really big. Over the years of being into Mustangs and meeting people in other regions, I’ve learned that municipalities no matter the size are rarely supportive of any club that has to do with motoring. While this is the case with most cities, Mustang, Oklahoma is a different case, with most the town and residents in the town having a total love addiction to Ford Mustangs. Clearly because of the name of the city. Anyways, today was Mustang High Schools Homecoming, located about 15-20 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City, and they asked the Oklahoma Mustang Club to bring a few Mustang convertibles out to the Homecoming for the Homecoming Court to pose with. We Happily Obliged!